Fué una aventura entre amigos y vaya amigos¡¡¡¡ Un mini LP del 1083. Teóricamente no debía tener continuidad, era un Rare. Recuerdo lo compré de segunda mano en discos Queralto. Una cara con  una sola canción y el primer pinito de Brian con el espacio, la ciencia ficción y las bandas sonoras. Que bien canta por eso. Aún recuerdo el comentario de mi primer jefe… això es un blues collons.   jajaj autoflash 1984

¿Que quienes eran ?

Star Fleet Project is a project of Brian May, most famous as the guitarist from Queen, which resulted in an album with the same name. The project was released as the work of “Brian May + Friends”, consisting of May, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alan Gratzer (ofREO Speedwagon), Phil Chen (session bassist who played with Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart), and Fred Mandel (session keyboard player who also played as additional keyboard player on Hot Space World Tour and The Works). Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, provided backing vocals for the title song. It was not meant for the tapes to be released and they had minimal mixing before release. “I could have put away these tapes in a bottom drawer and kept them as a private record of one of the best experiences of my life. But the few people I’ve played them for have urged me to ‘publish’…I haven’t messed one scrap with the tracking done on the day. The rest is simply mixed ‘naked’.”



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